Service Details

Application development and Maintenance

Application Development and Maintenance (ADM) Services, which focus on swift development, testing, deployment and management of high quality software. Enterprises also need effective Application Management Services to maintain and upgrade these apps. Vevotech helps companies rapidly launch and manage connected and intelligent applications, which provide a superior user experience, while reducing costs.

Vevotech’s ADM Services include Application Development, Application Maintenance and Enhancements, Custom Solution Implementation, Legacy Modernization, Enterprise Application Integration and Data Transformation. Our proprietary next generation ADM platform leverages extreme automation and DevOps-based agile software delivery practices. The platform brings together our DevOps and Automation frameworks (MOSAICTM Automation), and uses focused Risk Governance and Design Thinking approaches to deliver superior user experiences to clients.

System Integration

Enterprise IT landscapes can quickly become complex and difficult to manage in this digital age, where companies are increasingly adopting emerging technologies to improve business outcomes. Fragmented technology segments can seriously jeopardize operations visibility, leading to suboptimal utilization of resources, higher costs and poor business agility.

Vevotech offers end-to-end solutions in ERP, Analytics and Information Management, Middleware and Infrastructure Management as part of its System Integration Services. We help our global clients achieve business agility and process efficiency by closely aligning Enterprise IT Solutions with business imperatives.

Vevotech has established strong alliances with global technology giants like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, as well as niche IT service providers. We bring together discrete systems, using techniques like Enterprise Application Integration and Business Process Management, to build competitive differentiators for our clients

Data and Analytics

Enterprises today have access to unprecedented volumes of data, originating from social media, connected devices, as well as transactional data and enterprise data sets. With smart strategies and the right Big Data solutions, they can convert this huge treasure-trove of data into a core strategic asset.

Businesses can establish competitive advantage by mastering the ability to capture, analyze, and understand data in context, and channeling this to make superior business decisions. By interrogating data better, they can extract comprehensive insights into customers and business trends, and formulate smarter business strategies. Enterprises are therefore looking to enhance their Business Intelligence (BI) function by investing in advanced Big Data Analytics technologies.

Vevotech’s Analytics & Information Management (AIM) services enable clients to execute winning Big Data strategies. Our descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive analytics and Big Data solutions, powered by reusable artefacts and accelerators, help clients’ master data and solve complex business challenges. Our AIM service maturity framework further empowers them to envision and manage their enterprise information and data assets. We thus help enterprises achieve competitive differentiation by building an integrated BI and Analytics landscape